What is Hippotherapy?
Hippotherapy (or Equine-Assisted Therapy) is a medical treatment provided by a licensed occupational, physical or speech therapist where the therapist uses the multidimensional movement of the horse to facilitate the achievement of therapeutic goals. These goals include improved balance, normalization of muscle tone and improved vocalization and communication skills. When done under a physician’s order it is often covered by insurance.

How does this benefit individuals?
Research studies have demonstrated that Hippotherapy:
• Improves trunk alignment and control
• Enhances symmetrical weight bearing and muscle activity
• Improves balance and endurance
• Improves motor performance
• Increases coordination and sensory integration
• Decreases abnormal tone

Medical Conditions that may benefit from Hippotherapy include:
• Cerebral Palsy • Autism
• Developmental Delay • Asperger’s Syndrome
• Functional Spinal Curvature • Multiple Sclerosis
• Sensory Processing Disorder • Down Syndrome